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As a personalised sign manufacturer we create signage especially for individual customers. Our products are not simply taken from a shelf and boxed up and sent, they are hand crafted specifically for the customer as per their request. The sign goes through various design stages where it is constantly checked for quality.

Our signage process begins by collecting your order off our online order system. The order then gets delivered to one of our designers. From design the order goes to manufacture with the designers design. After manufacture the order is quality checked and packaged.

Checking your order before it leaves us

Each sign goes through a complete procedure to ensure that every aspect of the customers needs are taken care of, this includes cross reference between order details and the finished item.

All our products are tested with our quality assurance team

We have strict measures in place to assure that each product we create is 100% correct. This includes imperfection inspection. We take photographs of every sign we produce before they are packaged.

Should an order arrive with you that differs from your request

We have strict measures in place to assure this will not happen, but in the unlikely event that this should happen please contact us immediately by either phone or email with your order number. We will ask you to return the sign to us. Should the order have been manufactured incorrectly your item will be remanufactured, your return postage payment shall be refunded in a cheque attached with the correct returning order.

Should your order have a basic spelling mistake our quality team will contact you to resolve this (should they fail to contact you the order will be held until you contact Tags For Nags).

Should you have made a mistake on your order and want to return it. This includes wrong name, wrong spelling, colour, font etc

Unfortunately due to the nature of the manufactured product returning for a full refund is not possible as with all personalised products. This is because the item can not be resold in its current state. However should the product be undamaged you may return the product to us where we can analyse if the product can be recycled. If the product can be recycled you will be entitled to a 40% refund of the original order. Your return postage is non refundable.

Should your order not arrive or turn up damaged

All our products are sent out under the Royal Mail. We allow upto 15 working days before we deem the product to be "Lost in the post". Upon the 15th working day if you notify us we will create a duplicate of your order and send it out. Meanwhile we will be tracking down the lost consignment with the Royal Mail - The Royal Mail will send you a declaration to sign to state you have not received the order - This enables us to claim against the loss of our products.

If your order turns up damaged with visible damage to the packaging please notify us immediately. We will ask you to return the product including the damaged packaging. Upon the delivery to us we will dispatch you a new order. The order will be a duplicate and no change to the order is acceptable. Some time after you will receive a declaration to be signed and sent to the Royal Mail, This is so we can claim agains the damage.

Tags For Nags Terms and conditions as of 15.02.2011

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