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The internet at times is our best friend, but sometimes it can be our worst enemy! We know more than anyone that the products we sell are not all in our customers domain. So this is why we love having retailers to show our products in the real world!

With recent heavy investment we have now set up a system which is paperless and a complete order only a 30 second challenge.

So how does the system work?
Our trade customers (retailers) open up an account with us (Just register as a normal user) then we upgrade you.

We assign you a % discount so all/some of our prices online change to be at your fixed % discount.

We send you out a display board with examples of all our signs, with NO company logo on giving you the best chance to sell the product within your store, Riding school, Livery yard etc.

We DO NOT tie you into a contract, you can sell as many as you like with no pressure to hit targets (If you become a good seller we obviously increase your %).

All we ask is a nominal fee for the display board....

As always free postage, you can direct our signs to go straight to the customer or to your store for collection.

For more details about this please email


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