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About Tags For Nags


We've been around a heck of a long time! 25 years in fact!

Tags For Nags trades under Kinsella Industries Limited.

We started producing signs for Horse owners back in 1985. We traded at the most common Equestrian shows in the North West of England with a small trade stand for many years before setting our sites on the rest of the UK. In the last 2 years we have invested heavily in our business.

Our heavy investment in new products in 2007 saw us increase our internet credibility to Number 1 in equestrian signage. We also launched a new website in 2008 (rank 2 in google) that sisters our eBay store (rank 1 in google). All our design work (eBay-web-leaflets) is done in house by accredited designers.

One major point to our business is the outstanding quality! We use outstanding materials! This is all addressed in the "Our Signage" section above. To touch briefly on the subject here "we simply use the best materials" not cheaper short life alternatives.


The future is very bright for Tags For Nags as 2011 sees us teaming up with many big named equestrian retailers with also added trade accounts on our website. With of course further product investment.

Looking further into the future may see us teaming up with other 4 legged friends and producing products especially for them.

The Trade stand at equestrian shows is where we first started to trade and this is one outlet where we will continue to trade for many years.

Tags For Nags - A Kinsella Industries Limited company

Company No. 7135898

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Phone Orders - 01942 515279

Tags For Nags - The Leading Online Equestrian Sign Manufacturer

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Bordered 13" PCS Equestrian Stable Name Plates

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